PopCultHQ is a group of professional media web pages that focus on the “Three C’s” – Comics, Cosplay and Conventions.

We have exclusive interviews with comic book creators, cosplayers and entertainment celebrities. Along with top quality reporting and blogs from well-practiced writers. We only report on the best of the Pop Culture World. With up to the minute pop culture news, products, movies, TV shows, comic book industry and comic book news!!

In general we are a nerd site we have our focus, but we write anything that catches our eye and might catch our readers. Overall we are an entertainment website that provides original content, news, reviews, articles, cosplay, and interviews.

The Past

PopCultHQ original Logo
Original Logo created in 2015 by comic book artist of The Living Corpse Buz Hasson and Blair Smith

We were started in 2015 by Manny Popoca. Manny Popoca was a writer, interviewer, blogger and creator. More than anything he was an amazing human being. He was a regular on the comic convention circuit who regularly promoted events. He loved getting interviews with actors, writers, directors, artists and celebrities. He had a passion for all things entertainment.

Sadly, he died shortly after PopCultHQ was created and did not live to see it grow into a professional media page that is known to contain top quality news and exclusive interviews with comic book creators and the entertainment fields.

But I do feel good knowing I’m doing it MY way and no one is telling me to do what I do, it’s all me. I know I’ll get my dues and I’m earning the respect from a lot of people in the right places,  not [about] the money. As long as I do it with honor and integrity, everything will keep falling into place as it has been going.“ – Manny Popoca

The Present

PopCult Logo Transparent
New logo introduced in 2019

Today PopCultHQ.com has been broken into three separate, but joined websites.

PopCultHQ.com – Our main page where we share everything with you from movies to cosplay, comics to TV shows. If it is pop culture related you will find it here. This is also the home to our Cosplay Convention List.

PopCultHQ-Comics.com – Manny’s first love was comics and they will always be a strong focus for PopCultHQ. We will feature previews, reviews of mainstream and independent comics. We will do top quality interviews with the up-and-coming and the well established in the comic industry.

PopCultHQ-Cosplay.com – We will strive to always bring you cosplay photos from around the world so you can see how others interpret your favorite characters. We will bring you tutorials and advice on cosplaying and talk to cosplayers and photographers.

The Future

We hope that you will follow us on this journey into the future as we work for bigger and better things and continue to be your source for the latest in Comics, Cosplay, and Conventions.